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Smart recovery running even when way below Desired Temp?

japrilejaprile VirginiaMember

So I know there are a lot of threads about SmartRecovery, and my question may have been covered before but I cannot seem to find it using the search.

I understand that Smart Recovery works off an algorithm and kicks in when it believes necessary, but is it typical for it to be kicking in constantlly even when your desired away temp hasnt been reached and you are hours away from the "home" setting?

For example, I have the away temp set to 80 degrees for when we are at work, and 76 when we are home. It is a rather hot day today (about 93) but currently the monitor shows my inside temp is 76 degrees and smart recovery has been running for hours. I looked at the schedule temps and the house has never come close to the 80 degree mark, and has been around our normal temp of 76 becasue of "smart recovery".

Is something like this typical because its such a hot day, or is it posible there is another problem happening?

I am currently in a battel with Ecobee support as it is because the thermostat keeps disconnecting and my wifi is what is being blamed, so I feel like I may hae a bad unit, and they are finall sending me another one, but thats another story all together.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    One day I suddenly had WiFi disconnecting issues. Turns out I needed to restart my wireless router, then everything worked fine again. Try that. Smart recovery does use the outdoor temp data that is downloaded as part of the algorithm.

  • japrilejaprile VirginiaMember

    Trust me, I have done the router rebooting. I have even reconfigured my entire home network and moved the wireless closer to the thermostat as well as replaced the device with a new one,and still have the issue. I can 100% confirm its not my wireless.

    In reference to the Smart Recovery its strange, I go back thru the logs and my inside temp hardly ever makes it close to the desiered away temp. Im not sure if this is by design or just another thing not properly working.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    Do you have Smart Home enabled and have any motion detected while you are away? Do you still have connectivity issues? You should be able to tell from gaps in your Home IQ data?

  • japrilejaprile VirginiaMember

    Yea I had a 3 day stright gap from July 18 thru July 21 that reconnected that afternoon. No idea how or why, but support is blaiming my wifi (as is per usual)

    I do have smar home enabled, but when I look at the follow me data I do not see any activity on any sensor.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    I assume you bought the thermostat yourself and not through your electric company? I had a problem where I bought a used Smart Si on eBay and it was tied to the old user's electric company. They would override my profiles to run the system more. I know it makes no sense, but it took me almost a month to figure out what was going on.

  • japrilejaprile VirginiaMember

    Hi again, in response to the last question, yes I bought the unit from Lowes.

    However I finally got ecobee to replace my thermostat, and sure enough so far the wifi issues is resolved.

    However now instead of smart recovery kicking in really early, it doesn't kick in at all.

    Its only been a few days (since Thursday) that I had it connected, and honestly for 3 of those days it was in vacation mode, but is there a reasonable reason as to why smart recovery isn't working at all? I verified that follow me, smart home/smart away, and smart recovery are all enabled.

    I tell you, when this thing works, it is great, but when its acting up, it is hell to get things functioning again.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    IIIRC smart recovery only works when the set point and the current temperature are 'far' enough apart. I don't recall how far, but if your set point is 72F and the actual temp is 73F, smart recovery will not engage. The thermostat may need to gather data to determine how long it takes to cool/heat to decide when to turn on the equipment early.

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