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Ecobee3 Lite only pushing out Air, not cold. No Heat Pump, was on the phone with support for a while

conedmiroconedmiro VirginiaMember
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good afternoon all and hello, first time poster.

I am having this major issue where my Ecobee is functioning almost perfectly except for the fact that when on 'Cool' mode with both Fan 'On' and "Auto' it'll run the fan nonstop for hours, not cooling anything and sitting at around ~78-80.

Now I've switched the original thermostat back and it immediately started pumping out cold air, so I'm thinking maybe it's a wiring issue, or something with the Ecobee itself?

I am supplying some images, so you can see my current setup. I live in Virginia in some repurposed army barracks, if that's important.

I'm hoping someone can point out something iffy with my situation so I can get this little sucker working!

I have since trimmed the wiring behind the Ecobee, heads up


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Wiring looks correct. I would clean up the wiring at the furnace a bit on the C terminal.

    Make sure all the wires there are making good contact, black, blue, and white (ac unit common).

    Then make sure the Y terminal wiring is making good contact, the yellow and red (ac unit hot).

    If you do not have a multi meter, you may want to get one.

    When the AC is being called you should be able to measure 24vac from Y to C. Clamp or short the door switch to test. If do not measure 24vac, then at the thermostat check for continuity between Y and C. You should get a beep saying there is a electrical path. If you get a beep then thermostat maybe bad. If you do not get a beep there is a wiring problem with the yellow wire.

    If you do get 24vac from Y to C when AC is being called, then turn off power, disconnect the red wire from Y terminal and measure continuity from the red wire that was on Y to the C terminal. You should get a beep saying there is a electrical path. If you get no beep the wiring to the AC unit (separate red and white wires) or the AC unit contactor may be bad. If you do get a beep the AC unit contactor may be bad.

  • conedmiroconedmiro VirginiaMember

    So i did get a beet between Y and C and then between red and C

    AM I supposed to eb testing this with the ecobee wired up, because I needed AC so I have my old thermostat rigged up right now [I wired the blue up to test it]

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Everything working with the old thermostat? Likely then your Ecobee is bad. Support should allow you to RMA.

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