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Ecovent - Anyone have any experience or deep research ?

Ecovent seems to have the necessary feature set to manage home temperature room by room. Although they require a smart vent on every vent and sensor in every room, they include static pressure monitoring (if you shut off too much flow you do more harm then good). So it's an intriguing product but other than a few paragraphs on their site, I see very few independent reviews, blogs, or any post by someone who's tried it. Anyone here give it at least a test spin ? The only viable alternative is Ecobee with Keen but that lacks any static pressure monitoring and has only limited ability to even out heat/ac demand (e.g. if a room isn't getting enough Keen has limited remedies unless it's put in enough other rooms to even out total flow).

My only other reservations are the Ecovent sensors which seem a bit bulky and the look of the vents. The latter can be addressed by mounting them behind an exterior grill. Oh, and cost. The vent units themselves are over 2x the cost of Keens. Still it looks appealing. Maybe the right thing to do is wait till they have version 2 or 3 of their hardware.

I've corresponded with them at length but would like to hear from anyone who's actually purchased it.


  • bemyaxbemyax Northeast Iowa, US Member

    I have Ecovent installed in two homes. First off, I would give it a thumbs up and a thumbs down. They have been installed for about 14 months in Iowa.

    The first old two-story home was already zoned. Limited vent size availability meant only three vents were installed with seven sensors. One problem was that the vents were split between two zones. The failure occurred when one Ecovent closed against a damper that was open and opened against a damper that was closed during an A/C call. This caused an airflow restriction error on the SLP98V HVAC computer. I went through the tedious exercise of "removing" vents and sensors and rooms and reinstalling them in one logical zone. Although not as serious, I got the same error this summer. Because of the design of the physical zoning system, this error cannot happen unless Ecovent causes it. There is no problem in the heating season because the maximum cubic feet per minute is lower. The original claim by Ecovent that their product opens against high static pressure has not borne out against the evidence.

    The second old one-story home is much closer to having been a success. Just one zone like most homes. Six rooms, five sensors, seven vents. It already had a fair temperature balance. Some solar heating in the summer and some cooling from winter winds. Ecovent seems to have helped with that. One complaint, vent batteries were kaput after almost exactly one year. The other complaint, not with the system, but with the sales pitch. One of my ducts has a serious break. Because of where it's located, it's not the end of the world. However, their original sales pitch claimed the software analysis would detect such flaws and notify the user. Hasn't happened yet.

    Recommendation - If you are made of money, it's worth a try for balancing out uneven room temperatures in a single zone with at least three vents. (All of us original supporters got a huge discount.) The appearance isn't that bad to me and is quite offset by the improved aerodynamic. I have experimented with and used six different smart thermostats. There's no way they would be able to force me back to the Sensi. The company has not delivered a web based analysis and control interface they promised. I rate this as a buyer beware situation.

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    If you are going to try zoning on a system not designed for zoning you may have pressure issues. You may want to install a smart bypass damper to prevent high pressure.


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