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Eliminate sensor from follow me without removing participation?

japrilejaprile VirginiaMember

So here's the issue, I have a sensor in the Den that is just above the back of the couch. It's placement is perfect for temp readings as well as room sight.

However there have been a few instances while in away mode that I think the dog is getting on the couch and activating the sensor. So of course smart home activates and heats the house for no reason.

I probably know the answer here but can the senativity or participation in the follow me/smart home be eliminated without removing the sensor from tempature participation? (This room is currently one of the key factors in away temp).


  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    You can't choose which sensors are used for Smart Away and Smart Home. You might just disable Smart Home for simplicity.

  • japrilejaprile VirginiaMember

    Yeah, I had a feeling that was the answer but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    The Smart Home is fantastic when I actually walk in the door unexpected, but when the darn dog sets it off its a waste of money.

    I may have to get an additional sensor to put in the room in a different location to participate in "away" that wont see the couch, and then remote the Den sensor.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    You can always cover the motion sensor and just use it as a temp sensor, but it won't be used with follow me, but would be used if you disabled follow me. The other sensors in your house could trigger Smart Home. The only other option is to move the sensor to a location that won't be triggered by the dog.

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