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Water Tank Temprature


I am kind of new to this home automation thing, but i got the basic things covered i guess.

I am buying the SmartThings Samsung hub to control lights and power outlets. Thats fine and its very straight forward.

I am having trouble finding a zigbee / zwave water temperature sensor that i can connect to my SmartThings Hub and monitor the temprature.

I found this:


which i assume is a DS18B20 temperature sensor in a water proof probe. I need to connect this to a Zigbee device that sends the data to my SmartThings hub so i can have a reading of the water temperature at all times.

Can you please confirm if my understanding is correct? If so, any details on how this can be done? If not, appreciate your input on how i can read the water tank temperature on my SmartThings hub.


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