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Sensor in bedroom + Follow Me: is it a bad idea?


I just got my EcoBee 3 with 3 sensors and I'm trying to decide where to put the sensors. I'm wondering about putting one in our bedroom. I've set up both a schedule and enabled Follow Me. On the one hand, it seems like it would be nice to know the temperature there and to make sure it's comfortable when we're up there. On the other, I'm worried about what happens in the middle of the night.

Two scenarios in particular: tossing and turning and getting up to go to the bathroom. Would either of these scenarios cause EcoBee to try to heat up the bedroom to 65 down from our usual 60 degree Sleep setting temp? If so, is there any way to have my cake and eat it too? In other words, have it monitor the bedroom motion sensor during the day but ignore it at night, or have a higher sensitivity threshold to trigger at night or something?


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