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Furnace Noise

aerotenaeroten WA Member
edited January 2017 in ecobee

I recently switched from Nest to Ecobee and started noticing a two distinctive 'thumps' right before the furnace shuts down. The 'thumps' are approximately 2 mins and 1 min before the furnace shuts down completely.
I have a two story house with a single zone and gas furnace. I do have gas heating and electric AC. Does this have to do w/ staging? Why is it so loud? Does it harm the furnace in anyway? Can it be turned off? I searched for reverse staging and couldn't find the setting in ecobee. Never heard these noises with Nest.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Has nothing to do with Reverse Staging. Do you have fan control set to furnace or thermostat? Fan control should be set to furnace.

  • aerotenaeroten WA Member

    I initially thought that was the problem as well but the noise remained unchanged after setting the fan control to furnace.

  • lannister80lannister80 ChicagoMember

    Sure it's not your ductwork expanding/contracting? If you're right next to the furnace, does the thump come from the furnace itself? If so, what part? Does it look like the flames/jets are changing when the thumps happen?

  • aerotenaeroten WA Member

    My furnace is in the attic and I don't have easy access. I don't believe it's the Ductwork and definitely something with the furnace. When I stand right under the attic access the thumps are loudest and as I walk away it diminishes. The reason I don't think it's ductwork is I didn't hear these thumps before and the thumps are too systematic to be anything but the furnace.

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