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I have 3 zones, one house. Ecobee? Nest?

Hello all.

I currently have a ~2800 sq foot home, that has 3 zones. Raised ranch style home that originally had one zone upstairs and another downstairs. Before we bought the house, an addition was put on, and a small third zone was added that only covers two upstairs bedrooms at the end of the house.

Zone 1: Downstairs: the thermostat is located right outside the furnace room, in a large 24x24 family room. It's in one far corner of the house. My office/guest room is located on the exact opposite corner, so at times this can be a bit cold in the Winter since it's so far from the thermostat, but at the same time, it's often not used.

Zone 2: Primary upstairs: This is in the hallway. One of the issues we have with this is that some of the kids bedrooms at the end of the line can get very cold at night, teens want their doors closed at night, and so it can be 5-10 degrees colder in there.

Zone 3: Master bedroom and one kids bedroom (new addition). These rooms are new, much better insulated. Thermostat is in the master bedroom, and these rooms don't really have any imbalance issues.

Heating type: Boiler with baseboard radiators. Just had a brand new efficient boiler and indirect tank installed.
A/C: Upper level only with vents. This currently has it's OWN (4th) thermostat, only used in the 4-5 Summer months.

What I am wondering, can we use 1 Ecobee3 thermostat, with say 3-4 different wireless sensors (one for each zone), to run 3 zones? Or do we need ecobee/nest thermostats for each zone?

With the AC unit, can I merge the AC and heat for the primary into one ecobee/nest? We have a Bryant AC system (dual speed I think), about 5 years old.

My ideal scenario would be where the downstairs zone could also have a sensor in the far side of the house where the guest room is - but only if that wireless sensor in the guest room was smart enough to know when someone was in the room to make sure that room was warm. And then the same situation for the upstairs main zone where our middle child's bedroom at the very end of the radiator line (where water is not as hot) can let us know when that room is too cold with a wireless sensor.

But in this scenario, would we need 3 thermostats (one of which handles a heat zone and the A/C), with 2 additional wireless sensors?



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