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PTAC unit and confused

ngidwaningidwani New YorkMember

I'm hoping (praying) someone can help me to figure out the right way to set this up. My electrician decided to connect the two ecobees in a different way and I'm just hoping someone has had some experience with this.

I have a PTAC unit. The only controls on it are high, med, low, off. The controls look like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23877/ecobee/controls-ptac.jpg

Here is the company that installed it. I'm not sure if this is the exact unit, but it likely is:

Now on to my ecobees:
Bedroom is able to heat and responds to the ecobee controls and is connected like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23877/ecobee/eco-bedroom.jpg

Living room is not able to get into 'cool' mode because no W wire (the electrician connected this one differently to a different PTAC unit), and thus it is unable to 'warm' the room because it doesn't think it can heat. He connected the one like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23877/ecobee/ecobee-living.jpg

I imagine I can just swap the red wire going from G -> W1 in Living Room ecobee, and it should work, but I'm hoping that I am doing this right. I imagine I might have to swap the wires twice/year when the PTACs change from heat -> cool.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Huge number of apartments in NYC use these units so crossing my fingers...



  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember
    edited January 2017

    The difficult part is know what is on the other end of the thermostats and how they should be wired. I do not understand why your electrician would connect them differently. I would assume they would connect exactly the same. I am thinking he made a mistake on the second. Y1 probably goes to W1 and G probably goes to Y1.

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