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Remote humidity sensing

68bucks68bucks OhioMember

Does anyone know of a way to get remote humidity sensing to a Ecobee? I only use the remote sensor to control my furnace. The place where the thermostat is mounted is always a lot warmer that the main part of the house. This is basically an open concept house. So what that creates is a situation where the RH at the thermostat is generally lower than the RH in the rest of the house. I have adjusted the offset in the thermostat to compensate some but that's just sort of a fudge factor. I also tweak the RH set point to try and compensate. It would be a whole lot better I think if I could sense the RH near the Ecobee sensor and use that as the variable to control the humidifier. I'm not especially versed on what sort of home automation systems might interface with the Ecobee to do something like this. I don't have one now but I have been contemplating adding something. We have only been in the place a year so I have been slowly working down the to do list and this would be a good winter project. I added the humidifier just a couple weeks ago and the Ecobee controls it just fine. I'd just like to fine tune the system to better manage the RH.


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