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Can you quickly peg the temperature to a specific room?

nsharma2nsharma2 Bay AreaMember

For example, my wife wants the capability to set the temperature of a specific room to a specific temperature. For example, the other day she decided to work from home, specifically in our office. In this case, she'd like to set the ecobee to put the temperature to 70 and to ONLY use the office sensor (I have separate sensors in every room of the house).

I realize that I can use "Follow Me" to make this work, but if she's stationary for too long in the office, it will eventually show the room as "Unoccupied". I also know I can do this through the current configuration, but the way I know is kind of roundabout and not the quickest. My method would be to:

  1. Set the mode to "Home" (or any mode you want)
  2. Change the "included sensors" for that mode to just be "Office"
  3. Turn off "Follow Me"

So my question. Is there a way I can teach my wife to quickly set the temperature for whatever room(s) she wants without having to edit the "Comfort Settings". Is there no way to quickly set the temperature along with what sensors will be used? I can teach her my above approach, but then we need to change the sensors back when we want to revert back to our original configuration.

Thank you!


  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    Look at the logs to see how often motion is detected while she is in the office. If it is most of the time, then just use follow me. If it is not adjust the placement of the sensor to detect motion properly.

  • nsharma2nsharma2 Bay AreaMember

    Thanks Krunzby!

    I'd thought of that, but it's not my preferred solution if I know I only want to heat a specific room. Using "Follow Me", it would take some time to register presence in the Office, de-register presence in the other rooms, and would potentially increase other room weights if my wife walked to the kitchen (for example). And to top it off, if she's stationary for too long, it would start averaging sensors again.

    From what I've gathered from some online research, there is no "easy" way to peg the temperature to a specific set of sensor(s) quickly. The only workaround is to peg the temperature to your desired level, which triggers a hold to your "home" comfort setting, when in turn uses the sensors programmed to the home setting. Then you need to adjust the sensors used in that comfort setting to whichever one(s) you prefer.

    It's not overly complicated, but you do have to then set the home setting back to what it was before when you're done. Also, not the best way to convince the wife on the benefits of home automation :-)

    I have to imagine ecobee is working on a fix to this as it's an often requested feature. But then again, people have been asking for over a year and it hasn't been implemented yet, so who knows.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    The stoneage way would be to take all of the sensors in the the office with her. I would still give follow me a try though. It only has to detect motion every five minutes, so I would be surprised if it was not detected most of the time with proper sensor placement. Also, even if you leave the office to go to the kitchen, the other sensor will only detect say 1 or 2 five minute events. Follow me uses a weighted average based on frequency of motion, so if there are only a few events detected, it will not contribute much to the weighted average.

    Now granted when you first go to the office, it will take about an hour to stop including the other sensors in the average, but as no motion is detected by the other sensors, their contribution will diminish.

    The other possibility would be to detect when she is in the room by an open close sensor on the door, or a remote button push that could activate a virtual switch to fire a specific profile. You might be able to do this with IFTTT. You would have to test this as I remember there were issues with trying to set a comfort profile rather than just a Hold. Yves custom code, might be able to do this too.

  • nsharma2nsharma2 Bay AreaMember

    Ha, I love the idea of taking all the sensors to the office with her. She'd love that.

    I do really like the idea of writing some custom code...that could make for some interesting setups!

    Thanks! :)

  • I solved this by putting an additional sensor on her desk, using the supplied stand. Enabled "follow me", and it works well, even in spite of an HVAC system imbalance issue I'm still working on.

    I also told her that given the other sensor on the wall, she gets to "vote twice", which adjusts... her perceptions. ;)

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