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Smart Recovery and Aux Heat

lsbrodskylsbrodsky New Bern, NCMember
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I just recently installed my E3 and have seen some references to the thought that Smart Recovery does not work on Aux Heat; I like my Aux Heat to run first in cold weather as it gas forced air, more heat and more comfort. I have indeed noticed that it is not running in Smart Recovery, below the compressor lockout temp, until the scheduled time. Is there any way to change that? Does anyone know if Ecobee intends to provide that capability? I have not gotten consistent answers from Ecobee tech support so I am hoping someone here knows. Thank you,


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember
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    Smart Recovery won't run AUX, meant to minimize AUX use. Only way AUX will run if you meet thresholds to cause it run.

  • lsbrodskylsbrodsky New Bern, NCMember

    That makes some sense, of course, but my prior Honeywell knew I had gas forced air as Aux and the smart recovery algorithm was applied to it, with a later start knowing it heated faster. Surely Ecobee can do the same.

  • Mike_MMike_M Member

    This is a "heated discussion" ;) I've been having with Ecobee. We are all-electric with a heat pump and 2-stage Aux heating strips. Ours is a commercial building with a backwards demand cycle - "away" at night, "home" during the day. Smart Recovery needs to bring the space up to a decent temperature by opening time, during the coldest part of the day.

    The problem is as cited, if Aux is required, then no Smart Recovery. "Uhhhhh... guys... we still need to heat the place. Just because you decided that it was 'better for me' to not have Aux run recovery doesn't eliminate the need."

    The end result is in order to have the temperature restored for occupancy, we have to create our own fake recovery cycle by starting heat early. This is wasteful, as we have to turn it on three hours early to anticipate <20°F outside temps, yet when it's 40°F we run over two hours of unnecessary heat.

    (I'm a retired engineer, and get very frustrated with consumer-sector engineers who think they're smarter than you. I experienced this with Nest, and is why I made the jump to Ecobee, hoping for better. Yeah, they are better, but the underlying syndrome is still a problem. :\ )

  • lsbrodskylsbrodsky New Bern, NCMember

    I also left Nest because of a number of issues, went to Honeywell, and now Ecobee. I like most everything about the Ecobee except this issue. I want to be the one to make the decision about Aux Heat, not an engineer somewhere else. But I also have just set my morning setpoint earlier to accommodate no Smart Recovery.

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember
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    Need options so you can decide functionality and not be stuck to a single mindset.

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