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Help on Reverse Staging

lsbrodskylsbrodsky New Bern, NCMember

I very recently installed my E3 on a 3 stage heating system, heat pump with gas furnace Aux. Looking for some help on whether I should try reverse staging other than Auto. Not willing to trust Ecobee tech support as I have already received some wrong answers from them. First, I like my Aux to run as I like the sensible heat from gas forced air so my compressor lockout is set to 50F. Should I enable Reverse Staging with temp sets for Stage 1 and Stage 2? What should the temp sets be? In advance, thank you.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    I use reverse staging to minimize AUX use because I have electric AUX. I have heat differential at 1 degree, stage 2 at 2 degrees, and AUX at 6 degrees. AUX only runs when super cold here. How you set yours up will depend on how you want your system to run.

  • lsbrodskylsbrodsky New Bern, NCMember

    I want to maximize use of Aux when it is colder but I am not sure how to do that with the Ecobee.

  • lsbrodskylsbrodsky New Bern, NCMember

    After much research and a few discussion with Ecobee, it seems that my desire is not really consistent with the Ecobee design concept. I can accomplish what I want by setting the compressor lockout high, I am using 50F, so that my gas furnace is running whenever it is cold outside. Above that I have enable compressor reverse staging with Compressor to Aux Delta set at 5 degrees. I setback 7 degrees at night so if the temp inside drops more than 5, Aux Heat will be the first equipment in the morning. I am going to run that way for a while and see how I like it.

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