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connecting a new humidifier

I've purchased a new humidifier (Aprilaire 800) and I'm trying to figure out how to control it with the ecobee. If I understand the wiring correctly, I can use 1-wire method with ecobee ACC+ wire supplying 24VAC to the NO relay when called for humidification. I measured the voltage between C and ACC+ wire and instead of 24VAC I'm seeing 11VAC. The blower fan does get switched on continuously, but the humidifier is not. Just to get the humidity back to normal level I've manually shorted the humistat input to the Aprilaire 800 and it is working like it should, it's just I'm not getting the proper voltage on the ACC+ wire. I have a conventional furnace/AC with Rh, C,G, Y1, W1, W2, ACC+ wires connected (2-stage heat). I haven't tried the 2-wire method yet. Do I have a bad unit, or am I not understanding the operation correctly?

Rob in Va


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