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Nest without central HVAC (no place to wire in a thermo) (in the US)

markmadiganmarkmadigan KenmoreMember

I will be installing radiant floor heating to replace baseboard heaters. I will be using 2 of Nuheat's wifi thermostats so that they can be controlled by Nest. Issue is that I don't have a central HVAC system (only floor and baseboard heating)--so I was hoping to use the "plug in" Nest version until I realized that was only available in the UK. How can I use a Nest in this case? How can I get it power?



  • timothycobbtimothycobb Member
    edited January 6

    Hello, for radiant floor heating nest thermostat is the best option because the nest is designed to work with many different types of heating system. The nest works great with both radiation and HVAC, there are many video available on You Tube for nest thermostat install to a radiant heating system you can try out or you can search on the Internet a professional technician for installation of heating system.

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