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Ecobee 3 Help - Thermostat Temps off & Odd Display temp

crawlgsxcrawlgsx Maine, USAMember
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I purchased and installed my Ecobee 3 without any issues to speak of, it is in the details that I am having some concerns. I have 3 remote sensors. Originally 1 in the master bedroom, 1 in the 2nd bedroom, and one in the basement. I have Smart/Home Away disabled, Follow Me Disabled. The basement is unheated, and the 2nd room are currently not in use, so those sensors I have turned off everywhere, they are just for monitoring (BTW, Ecobee really needs to add a feature for Remote sensor specific alarms... seems like a no brainer).

Home set to Thermostat sensor, Sleep set to use just Master Bedroom sensor. Scheduled to sleep from 9pm to 8am. Pretty straight forward.

Anyway I was getting some odd results, occasionally my Thermostat would show 65 on the screen, but my digitial thermometer next to it says 69. I thought maybe it was averaging even though it shouldn't be.. They werent all during transitions either.

One time the thermostat said it was 68, yet NONE of the sensors (not even the built in ecobee sensor) were reporting 68... If its not averaging, where did that temp come from?
Video below:

To troubleshoot the temperature reading I moved my basement sensor up next to the Thermostat. I also unplugged the ecobee and plugged it back in (per Ecobee support) to recalibrate it.

Since then the Remote sensor has been spot on, with 1 degree at all times of the digital thermometer. The Ecobee thermostat sensor on the other hand sometimes reports the same temp, other times it is 3-4+ degrees off!! The sensors are in the same location. They are on an interior wall, they are no where near any vents. (vents are by exterior walls)

I am at a loss. I had a GREAT service rep pre-Christmas. He said he was going to follow up when the logs updated (they are like 3 hours behind I think) then it was Christmas. After Christmas I had a different rep "follow up... I got a complete boob after Christmas who wasn't even properly acknowledging the problem (or all the work the other rep and I had already done). He was infuriating me and after a few back and forths I kindly asked him to forward me on to someone who would actually help.

Here is my Ecobee data. I have highlighted in Yellow the Thermostat Sensor Vs the Remote Sensor. These are in the same location (the red highlight is before I moved the sensor, it was in the basement). You can see how sometimes the sensor is the same, othertimes it is 3-4 degrees off. Again my digitial Thermometer and the remote sensor are always within 1 degree of eachother, so it seems the Ecobee Thermostat sensor is the problem?


Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated. Overall I am liking the Ecobee, I would just like to really not have to have a remote sensor mounted WITH my thermostat which is quite redundant. It unfortunately is the only way I can get accurate readings right now. I have switched my HOME to use just the Livingroom Remote sensor and now the thermostat sensor is doing nothing until I can get this resolved :-/.

My biggest concern being the random times the Thermostat sensor is reporting ~65 while the Remote Sensor and Thermometer are reporting 68/69.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember
    edited December 2016

    They are averaged. You have to be careful with the remote sensors, if they drop signal they can not be put in the average, you may see the fluctuations you see. They are also factory calibrated and can not be adjusted. We have seen here where the some sensors can be off several degrees. Ecobee should replace them if they are faulty. You can adjust the Ecobee temperature sensor in the menu.

  • crawlgsxcrawlgsx Maine, USAMember

    But I have it set to only use the 1 sensor, so you are saying it is still averaging the others anyway?

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    If in the schedule you have only one sensor include, then should be just that sensor showing for the temp.

  • crawlgsxcrawlgsx Maine, USAMember

    Then as described that is not what is happening :).

    I have pretty much given up on the Thermostat sensor. It is ridiculous but I am going to have to buy a couple more remote sensors so I can use those for my living space instead of the thermostat sensor.

    Ecobee support has apparently given up on trying to help.

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Try only the thermostat sensor in the schedule, not any of the remote sensor. Take the dropouts of sensor and the averaging out of the equation. Does the thermostat still show add temps? Also make sure you plug the hole behind the thermostat with some foam. Air leaks from behind the wall can cause you these issues too.

  • crawlgsxcrawlgsx Maine, USAMember

    Only the thermostat sensor is what I started off with, or do you mean actually unpower the remote sensors?

    Originally with just the thermostat active for Home is when I was getting drops to 65 and the one weird time were it said 68 (but none of the sensors, including the thermostat were at 68, seen in the video).

    I have not plugged the hole so I could give that a shot.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    It's a weighted average of the senors you have selected in the active comfort profile. If you have follow me enabled the weight is based on the amount of motion detected. Now there are some bugs with manually overriding the temperature and withe Smart Recovery. IIRC when you manually override the set point it uses all of the sensors selected in your home comfort settings no matter what profile you are currently using. Also with Smart Recovery, it uses the current comfort profile sensors with the upcoming profile setpoint. I may have that backwards. There is a long thread about the Smart Recovery bug on here.

  • crawlgsxcrawlgsx Maine, USAMember

    The override piece is interesting thank you!

    I have Smart Recovery and Follow Me disabled so those shouldn't have effected my oddities :-/.

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    I always forget Follow Me, I turned that off as well.

  • crawlgsxcrawlgsx Maine, USAMember
    edited January 1

    Plugging the hole behind the Thermostat has solved most of my problem. Thank you Kevin!

    It doesn't explain the weird temp showing (even though it shouldn't be averaging) but the Temps are now consistant and seem to be maintaining temperatures much better so thats all that matters :)

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