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how do i configure smart home/away without a schedule

bob13obbob13ob san jose, caMember

Hi, I dont' want to use any scheduling. But i do want to the smart away to kick in if I forget to turn off the heat. EG, i come home, i manually turn on the heat (do not want this automatic). When I leave, i manually turn it off usually. If i forget, ecobee will sense no movement and shut it off automatically.

in other words, I want manual only on, but automatic off.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Geo fencing with IFTTT maybe a good option. If you have a smart phone you can say when I leave home set away. And when I arrive home, resume schedule. I know you don;t want to use scheduling, but there is nothing that turns heat on or off that I am aware of other than writing your own program with Ecobee's API.


  • bob13obbob13ob san jose, caMember

    ok, that makes smart home/away useless for me. That would be a really nice featur to add; i want it to operate like my vacancy light switches. I ghetto brute forced it by just adding times throughout the day to turn off the hvac every 3 hours EXCEPT in the night. this will force people to manually set the thermostat every 3 hours to keep it on.

  • 50ae50ae mckinney, txMember

    This is an easy one. Set your schedule for home 0000-2400. Set your temperatures for Home and away to whatever you want and it should act exactly how you want. When you've been away >2hrs it will go into away and as soon as you walk in the door it will go to home. You might find it kicking into home every night at midnight but this would be the only anomaly that I can see.

  • LarrylLixLarrylLix Northern Southwestern OntarioMember
    edited September 16

    Cripes! It's a thermostat that already keeps the tempearure steady...automatically. The idea is to not have to adjust it...ever!
    Yu are in Cal. How much heat coud you possibly waste for that amount of effort. Even in Canada I had to turn all that fancy automatic BS off as it doesn't work properly.

    ...and before you think I am some old fart that hates tech stuff, my whole home is automated with computers such that we hardly ever touch a light switch. My ISY994 HA box compensates my ecobee3 for wind speed draughts and turns the HVAC down for sleeping from 5 PM to 11 PM every night based on the outside wind speed and temperature effects on the house. I can set my whole house to rainbow colours via voice commands. It's my life. Ecobee3 automatic features via sensors are garbagea dn never worked properly. Sensors were a way for ecobee to comensate for too much heat in the stats, making the stat inaccurate and temperature unstable.

  • bob13obbob13ob san jose, caMember

    50, that doesn't work because I run an AIRBNB. I need to the ability for people to manually set it, but it'll stop the hvac running when they leave the unit. people are careless and will run ac all day with the windows open while they are gone (they arent paying the utility bill). It should have a mode just like a vacancy sensor light switch.

  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member

    You need to do some Home Automation with ecobee. SmartThings is a good platform for HA. See the list of use cases here:http://www.smarthomehub.net/forums/discussion/1059/new-version-of-my-ecobee-device-under-smartthings-comfort-tips-feature-and-integration-with-alexa

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