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Control 2-stage American Standard Freedom 80 Comfort R from Ecobee3

mr19mr19 ChicagolandMember

Trying to allow my E3 to control my two stage furnace but E3 only shows 1 stage option. Old thermostat had a W2 line wired up but DIP switch was set to single. Assuming furnace is handling it. Attached are pictures of the old thermostat wiring and the furnace panel. System also has an Aprilaire 700 that is attached to an Aprilaire 56 humidistat on plenum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember
    edited December 2016

    Ecobee should have setting for two stage furnace, unless you have a heat pump. If you have a heat pump I think the menu is different. During the install did your Ecobee show W2 was connected? There should be a screen with the connectors listed, if the wire is detected they look like white pills with black text. If you have a multimeter check for 24vac between Rh and W2.

    Which dip switch are you referring about?

  • mr19mr19 ChicagolandMember

    The Ecobee doesn't show W2 as connected even though it is connected (and at the furnace). I was assuming some jumper on furnace disabled that W2 line and that was why the Ecobee didn't pick it up. Sorry wasn't clear, that is reason I am posting.

    No heat pump, I'll check with multimeter later today.

    Not sure what dip switch applies (if any). Initially thought 5 & 6 should be set to off & off but then realized comfort-r isn't same as two stage.

  • mr19mr19 ChicagolandMember

    Ok, just reconfigured E3 and marked W2 as connected (not clear to me why it doesn't pick this up automatically). E3 now says it has 2 stage furnace.

    Bumped up thermostat a few degrees and sat next to furnace. After 10 minutes of running it kicked up another notch (assuming that was stage 2 kicking in). I did try this before and did not notice a bump up after 10 minutes -- but can't be sure.

    So given that it is a two stage furnace, old tstat was set to single, and W1 & W2 were not jumpered can I assume the previous owners only ran furnace as a single stage? Or was that handled by the furnace?

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember
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    Thermostat maybe looking for a delta to turn on stage 2. Turn up a few degrees to get stage 1 going, then crank it up 10 more degrees and stage 2 should kick on.

    I am guessing the previous owners only used 1 stage, unless there is a jumper or dip switch option to configure the furnace for delayed stage 2.

    I looked up the control board there are two more switch in upper right? Should be labeled S1. Do you know what those switched do? Maybe I can figure it out, what is furnace model?

  • mr19mr19 ChicagolandMember

    Thanks for response.

    Actually found those jumpers and both are set to OFF. If I'm reading the docs online correctly that means it is setup to work with a two-stage thermostat. Since my previous one was set to single mode I'm assuming that means we have never seen stage 2 kick in until now?

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    That is quite likely stage two has never ran. If was set to single, I am assuming there would have been a delayed start of stage 2. But if set to 2 stage thermostat the board would have been waiting on W2 signal.

  • zhackwyattzhackwyatt Phoenix, AZMember

    Could you have a short in your thermostat wire? I had one in my common wire, but it didn't matter because the old thermostat could use batteries. Then, during the process of installing the ecobee3 another wire got shorted. I'm guessing from the movement of the wires.

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