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Preparing New Smart Home Hub for Indiegogo Campaign - the Fuse Connect

We'll be launching our Indiegogo Campaign in early 2017 and wanted to share our plans with the SmartHomeHub Community beforehand.

We have a video and more information on our site, http://fuseconnect.me/, with plans to develop another video and more graphics in the upcoming weeks. Developing the Fuse Connect, we wanted to create a hub for all existing smart home devices that could be controlled on a mobile app and/or a wall mounted device.

Would love to hear any feedback after you get a chance to take a first look. We're still in a position to make changes to the product as it comes together and feel like members of this community can definitely help.

Thanks everyone!


  • Sorry to be blunt, but what hope of success can you have as an unknown startup in a world where Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and others are all years ahead of you?


  • adamkossoffadamkossoff New York, NYMember

    Craig, maybe we're a little crazy! But we see an opportunity to enter this growing marketplace in ways that our leading competitors have come up short. Offering support for the leading home automation products, both emerging and legacy brands, where we can truly consolidate the fragmented market. Voice and touch controls - building a dashboard that can be accessed via a mobile app but also attached to a wall - making it easier and more convenient for someone to use. That's just the start, but we feel like there's still a need for a truly unified smart home system and that's what we're working on bringing to the market.

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