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Ecobee 3 In Multizone Home

sti4life06sti4life06 CTMember
edited November 2016 in General Discussion

I am interested in purchasing an Ecobee 3 for my home but have a question before I do this. I currently live in a split-level ranch style home and I have 3 thermostats with 3 Heating zones and 1 Air Conditioning Zone.

On my 1st floor I have an old style Analog Honeywell Thermostat for heat only which i rarely ever use except when sub zero outside and will most likely not change it unless its easy to do.


2nd floor I have a newer style thermostat and it is my main area which I use very frequently for both heath and AC. Wires are "RC","RH","G","W","Y".


3rd floor is the same as my 2nd floor but I can only control the heat on the 3rd floor (NO AC). Wires "RH" and "W".


What is the best way to tackle this? Do I need an Ecobee Thermostat on each floor? I assume I would most likely need the power-supply unit for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor since I don't have the "C" wire correct?


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