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My Ecobee Bundle: ecobee and SmartThings working together for more comfort!

yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member
edited June 2017 in SmartThings

I'm bundling My Ecobee device and the EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp for $30.

The combination of MyEcobee device and the Zoned Heating/Cooling Solution specially designed smartapp for ecobee is really a powerful bundle: SmartThings and ecobee working together for more comfort inside your home.

For more details about MyEcobee device and the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp refer to


ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule_ allows you to reuse the ecobee scheduling for easier configuration under ST AND let you use all your room sensors (door/window, temp and motion sensors) to make the optimal adjustments to your ecobee's setpoints and your smart vents (optional).

You can download MyEcobee Bundle at my store:



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