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No furnace heat

Need some help. Installed my ecobee3 this May. Everything worked great until now. I have a heat pump which is supposed to run as either AC or heat source until outside temp hits 40. Temps finally went below 40 and no it is apparent that the furnace is not generating any heat.
Wiring at Tstat: http://imgur.com/fh4x8hR
And here is what tech support told me last night, which is wildly different that what tech support told me when I installed everything in May;
Hello and thank you for contacting ecobee support.
As discussed over the phone, we found out that your old system was actually a communicative thermostat. You should know that if your HVAC system control board has standard 24VAC connections such as R, W/W1, Y/Y2, G, etc. then the ecobee3 will work. However you may have features supported by your current thermostat that the ecobee will not be able to do.
Because you have a two transformer set up (i.e. gas furnace and heat pump), your installation would have to consist of uninstalling the communication board and having at least 7 wires run from the thermostat to the air handler and gas furnace. The 5 wire Rc, C, G, Y1, and O/B must run to the air handler and connect to their respective connections (R, G, C Y and OB). Then you must have 2 wires (Rh and W1) must run from the thermostat and connection to their respective terminals inside the gas furnace (R and W).


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