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Why isn't ecobee following schedule

GSBonesGSBones Belleville, ILMember

Why isn't the thermostat following the programmed schedule?

I have it set to Heat, and the thermostat shows the set point at 64.

It's 1:30PM, and according to the schedule it should be set at 62.

The other day when I checked it was set at 69. I had to turn it off, because it was running and no one was home.


  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    Smart Away was activated as motion was not detected over a span of 2 hours. In the other case, likely motion was detected when you were not home that activated Smart Home or it was in Smart Recovery for an upcoming scheduled set point.

  • GSBonesGSBones Belleville, ILMember

    Thanks for the response. But I don't think that's the cause.

    At 12PM it's supposed to go into Away mode and the thermostat should be set to 62.

    There was no one home at the time. We do have cats that roam, but even if they activated a sensor to make the thermostat think someone was home, why would the set point be at 64?

    I have Follow Me disabled.

    Smart Home/Away is enabled. That options says, "...it will automatically override the schedule to maximize comfort and savings."

    So that could be why it didn't match the schedule, but why did it choose 64??

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember
    Answer ✓

    64 is your home setpoint. The thermostat thinks you are home as it likely detected motion. Look at the follow me tab in your Home IQ to confirm motion was detected.

  • GSBonesGSBones Belleville, ILMember

    That makes sense. Thanks!
    I'll probably disable Smart Home/Away to prevent this.

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