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Ecobee 3

Hello. I recently bought an Ecobee 3. I have a Lennox Pulse Furnace with an outside Air conditioner.

When I opened up my Thermostat, I had a W, Y, G, and R wires.

However, on my furnace control board, I had W, G, R, and T with two wires connected to the T.

From what I can tell, the T on my furnace acts like a C or common wire.

I installed the Ecobee 3, first putting the Y Wire in the Y spot on the new Thermostat. That would not kick the heat or air conditioning on. Next I switched the Y to the C on the Ecobee. That kicked the heat on, but would not kick the Air conditioning on. I am confused on what to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated.


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