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Ecobee3 won't heat above 68 degrees?

I'm having an issue with my newly installed Ecobee3 thermostat with a 4 wire/PEK configuration (R to RC; G to G; Y to Y1; W to W1). We keep our home at 67 degrees at night. In the morning, when the "Home" Comfort Setting starts at 6:00A, we have it set to warm the home to 72 degrees. When the unit first turns on the heater, the fan starts a few seconds later as expected. However, after a few minutes (maybe 15 or so) the heater stops at 68 degrees and the fan stays on (which is also odd as I have to set to turn off when the heater stops). We can't seem to get the house above 68 degrees. If you look at the thermostat, the flame icon is lit up so it seems the unit thinks its still heating which is why I think the fan stays on as well. But it's clear to me that the furnace heater has turned off based on observing the sound of the heater, the non-heated air from the vent, and the fact that the house temp doesn't go over 68 degrees.

If I power off the furnace (which powers down the Ecobee) and turn it back on, all of what I described above is repeated. I've done this process a few times now and it's consistent. If I do this process 2-3 times, I can get the house to 70 degrees and the house seems to maintain that temp pretty well. But I think this is more of the house retaining heat, rather than the Ecobee functioning as it should.



  • kevin_mcckevin_mcc 61455Member
    edited October 2016

    Is your furnace a gas furnace? There could be other issue such as the furnace tripping out the safety. Air flow could be too low or gas level too high. The Ecobee itself should not be the cause, unless there is a configuration issue. Double check the settings, try changing air filter, or may need to have furnace inspected. Also don't be afraid to ask Ecobee support.

  • kustik25kustik25 Boston,MAMember

    I have brand new gas furnace. It was checked last week by HVAC company and I have exact same problem when ecobee stops heat after 68 degrees and only fan running with non-heated air from vents., which cool down house. Anyway to fix that?

  • BellyUpFishBellyUpFish AlabamaMember

    I know this is an old post, but did you ever sort this out? If so, what was the fix?

  • kevinmcckevinmcc Macomb, ILMember

    Make sure Fan Control for Heating is set to HVAC on the Ecobee. When people set that to Thermostat control you can cause the furnace to think there is a problem and they do not run.

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