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Motion sensing light switch with smart thing


I see there's a lot of dimmer switches and various switches of sorts. What I haven't seen yet is a standard motion sensing wall switch that pairs with Smart Things. I know there are ways around this using regular motion sensors and things, but for one specific use case, I would love to have a wall switch installed that would interact with my Philips Hue based on motion, as well as having a physical on off switch that could be programmed to the same bulbs, with different behavior.

The end result I'm going for is a light switch that if you walk by it, the motion sensor will turn the hue bulbs on in a dim, colored, nightlight mode, while if you hit the button on it, they will come on bright white.

Has anyone seen any smart things compatible, motion sensing light switches?


  • dreddred Member
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    I have the setup described using the Philips Hue motion sensor. I have one paired with a "white and ambient" bulb. I also hard wired the switch on and use the Hue Dimmer Switch. I would only suggest this in non bedrooms. If the electricity goes out, the light will default to on when the electricity is restored. The other limiting factor is the motion sensor limits you to two time periods of unique automation and limits the bulb colour selection to whats available in the motion sensor part of the app instead of the bulbs capabilities. I'm hoping that this will change with software updates. Lastly, the motion sensor doesn't tie into HomeKit so you can not use it to trigger events or actions. I use it to trigger motion of someone walking up to the front door and turn on the light. If you need it or would like to do complex actions, I would suggest waiting.

  • Nice. I just noticed that Hue had motion sensors while walking through Best Buy a few weeks ago. Looked them up and apparently they've been available for quite a while, don't know how I missed that.

    I ended up shifting my focus to other things (have added a bunch of Amazon Echos, and a Harmony Hub) but I'm planning on trying this with that Hue sensor at some point. I rarely use the full features on the bulbs anyway. Currently all of my bulbs are color bulbs, I've been meaning to try and find a white version that is about the same brightness to fill out the rest of the rooms that I haven't put lights in yet.

    I do have one of those Hue dimmer switches in the living room and use it as a wall switch. It may come down to getting both the hue sensor AND another dimmer switch. I was just hoping to find a single switch that would do both and would work with my hue bulbs.

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