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Ecobee 3 and HRV

Hi everyone, I need some help. The ecobee is in and running, super easy install. The HRV is a trouble point. Previously it was never hooked up and the fan was on high all the time. It is a Broan 100h. After talking with ecobee and Broan, the both suggested that a simple part needs to be added to complete the contol. This is a furnace interlock relay. Ecobee suggested that Aux 1 and 2 would be connected to the FIR on the HRV and turn it off an on as needed. Now that I have the FIR and the wires run, I'm not convinced I know how to hook it up. Thoughts on what bows where?! Brown wire (red and white) are the ecobee. Other three are the FIR.

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