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Ecobee3 Smart Home on when nobody is in the house SOLVED

50ae50ae mckinney, txMember
edited October 2016 in ecobee

I have just bought 2 Ecobee3's one for upstairs and one for downstairs. The one upstairs works beautifully but the downstairs one keeps going into the Smart Home during the Away period when nobody is home. Today I set the thermostat to not use it's motion sensor to turn on Smart Home and put the remote sensor in the same room but lower and pointed at a 90 degree angle from the thermostat. I saw no motion on the iPad app from either one but it still went into Smart Home. What could be causing this? The dog is in the kenel(in a different room) and I have a fan but it is about 4 feet higher than the thermostat and 8 feet away from it.


  • Is the fan moving back and forth? My ecobee notices movement when im 15 feet away from it.

  • 50ae50ae mckinney, txMember

    Not moving back and forth really that I can tell. Is it that sensitive to movement? Could it be the sun casting shadows and it seeing that as movement? I'm going to have my wife turn the fan off on Monday when she leaves though just to see.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember
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    You can't remove a sensor from being used in Smart Home. You can only remove them from the temperature calculation. All sensors are used all of the time for Smart Home and Smart Away. In the web portal, check your System monitor to see when motion has been detected throughout the day. Try putting a box over the sensor and see if it still detects motion. If it does you know your sensor is bad. If not, then you need to determine what is causing the motion being detected.

  • 50ae50ae mckinney, txMember

    OK, I have the fan off and that seems to have fixed the movement variable but the thermostat is still going into Smart Home, seemingly randomly, without seeing any movement.

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    How do you know no movement was detected?

  • 50ae50ae mckinney, txMember

    I looked at the portal and it doesn't have a bar showing on the "follow me" for that time

  • KRUZNBYKRUZNBY Raleigh, NCMember

    Hmmm... well then I have no idea. I assume it is going into Smart Home and not Smart Away correct? I have no Away in my schedule, so I don't remember what Smart Home looks like. I know Smart Away is purple with a key and a clock in the follow me schedule. I'm stumped.

  • 50ae50ae mckinney, txMember

    OK, I figured this one out. I had the fan set to circulate for 5 minutes an hour. This must have been causing a draft because sometimes it would pick up as somebody being home. Turning off this feature solved the problem.

  • gpzbcgpzbc Colorado, USAMember

    That's weird. The furnace fan shouldn't cause this problem.

  • 50ae50ae mckinney, txMember

    I wouldn't think that it would either but it did. I'm guessing it was seeing the heat as a person as it picked it up and thought it was a person. Since I turned off the 5min/hr air circulation though I've had no problems at all.

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