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New version of My Ecobee device under SmartThings: "comfort tips" feature and Integration with Alexa

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** For those of you who are interested in Home Automation and how to get the maximum out of your ecobee investment,**

I've developed more than 15k lines of code for the ecobee thermostats under ST. It's the most comprehensive ecobee implementation. There is no other thermostat device that offers this kind of capabilities under SmartThings (compared to Nest, Honeywell Lyric or any other smart thermostats).

****Benefits of My Ecobee device****

  • The code unlocks all ecobee's rich APIs features, and more (see below with the new tips features).

  • It's the best of both worlds: ecobee and SmartThings working together for more comfort and energy savings at your home!

  • The code works with all ecobee models: Ecobee4, Lite, Ecobee3, Smart-SI, Smart-02, and even EMS thermostats.

  • The code unlocks all ecobee's rich APIs features, and more (see below).

BTW, for those who are interested in purchasing an ecobee, here is a referral link you can use:


- New upcoming "features":

The new version brings the following features:

A- Simplified UI to allow better Android support.

There is a high number of UI issues with the ST UI for Android, especially since Android 2.1. There are some significant UI gaps between the 2 OS: Android and iOS.

See this thread for more details about the ST UI issues under Android (which have not be resolved for a while):


B- The smartest Thermostat under SmartThings with "tips" feature.


With the v5.0, My ecobee device will be able to give you "energy savings and comfort tips" based on actual indoor/outdoor conditions at your home.

The following indoor/outdoor metrics will be used for the "tips feature":

  • current Indoor Humidity
  • current Indoor Temperature
  • current OutdoorTemperature
  • Ideal target Indoor Humidity calculated based on outdoor temp
  • average of Indoor Temperature over a given period of time (ex.weekly)
  • average outdoor temperature in the period
  • standard deviation of Indoor Temperature in the period
  • standard deviation of Outdoor Temperature in the period
  • count of Away commands sent to thermostat
  • count of Sleep commands sent to thermostat
  • count of Hold commands sent to thermostat
  • minimum remote sensor's temp collected over a period
  • maximum remote sensor's temp collected over a period
  • average remote sensor's temp collected over a period
  • daily Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
    (if you have a multi-stage cooling system)
  • daily Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • yesterday Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • yesterday Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Weekly Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Weekly Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Monthly Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Monthly Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • Fan Runtime
  • hasDehumidifier (ecobee connected to a dehumidifier or not)
  • hasHumidifier
  • hasHrv or hasErv
  • Specific ecobee parameters related to 2-3 stage cooling/heating systems.

C- Unique integration with Ask Alexa (developed by Michael Struck), tstat commands can be sent and tips can be given by interacting with Alexa/Amazon echo.

See this thread for more details about Ask Alexa:


See the Ask Alexa documentation about the verbal commands available:


Please contact me at [email protected] for any questions related to MyEcobee device and its integration with smart vents and any ST connected temp & motion sensors to create heating/cooling zoned solutions..

As a reminder, with my Ecobee device (which is feature complete) and smartapps, you can do the following:

1) Setting your thermostat to Away or Home based on ST hello modes

See the ecobeeChangeMode smartapp.

2) Resuming your program/climate when you're back home

See the ecobeeResumeProg smartapp.

3) Setting your thermostat to vacation mode

See the ecobeeManageVacation smartapp.

4) Creating/updating your ecobee climates/schedules

See the ecobeeManageClimate smartapp.

5) Setting your ecobee climate/program at a given time

See the ecobeeSetClimate smartapp.

6) Monitoring and setting your indoor humidity level using your humidifer/dehumidifer/HRV/ERV (when connected to ecobee)

It also allows you to use the ecobee's free cooling feature...

See the MonitorAndSetEcobeeHumidity smartapp and this thread for more details:


7) Monitoring and setting your setpoints based on any ST connected indoor temp/motion sensors (similar to ecobee3's follow me feature) & outdoor temperature

See the MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp smartapp., and this thread for more details:


8) Exposing your ecobee3's remote sensors to SmartThings for HA scenarios

See the ecobee3RemoteSensorInit smartapp.

9) Controlling your smart vents based on your indoor temp/motion sensors in conjunction with your thermostat's programs & setpoints

See the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp

10) Controlling your minimum fan time per hour during a climate/schedule run

See the ecobeeSetFanMinOnTime smartapp

11) Generating some ecobee HVAC stats on a daily basis and sending them to groveStreams for data analytics

See the following smartapps: ecobeeGenerateStats & groveStreams smartapps

12) And many more features, you may want to consult the wiki for more details



- MyEcobee device's code is fully functional and available now at my store:

- All my smartapps (which only work with MyEcobee device and represent several hundred of hours of development work and testing) are either available for free (for your own usage only) at my github:


You can also find the smartapps under the SmartThingsPublic github repo. If you have the github integration, you just need to select the ecobee apps that you need when you "Update from Repo" (yracine is at the end of the "New - only from github" list).


for a modest contribution at my store.




  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member
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    The code has now been distributed to all my contributors.

    For more details about the new "tips" feature, refer to the ST community wiki:



  • yracineyracine Montreal, Quebec (Canada)Member
    edited December 2016


    I just sent a major update to all my active contributors.

    • Added a runtime graph at the bottom of My ecobee device which shows the Daily Runtime, Avg Weekly, and Avg Monthly runtime stats according to your thermostat mode.

    • The graph displays the stats, the outdoor temp and heatpoints/setpoints in the past week for trend analysis.
      You need to install the runtime stats generation smartapps in order to take full advantage of the graph.

    See the graph picture below:

    My ecobee device is available now for download at my store:



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