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Home Automation: ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp

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Are you looking for more comfort in your home & energy savings?
Are you looking for more home automation based on the ecobee thermostat?
Would you like to have a more responsive smart Away or Follow me features on your ecobee3 or
reproduce them with any ecobee thermostat models (Smart-SI, Smart, EMS)?
Would you like create virtual or physical zones (using smart vents) in your home?


  • SmartThings hub
  • Ecobee thermostat controlled via ST by MyEcobee device
    => see http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=My_Ecobee_Device
  • Smart Vents (optional) connected to SmartThings
  • Temperature Sensors in your rooms (optional) : for optimal cooling/heating setpoints and vents' adjustments
  • Motion sensors (optional): to detect if rooms are occupied
  • Contact sensors (optional): to adjust vent/temp settings if door/window contacts are open/closed
  • Climates/Programs set at ecobee portal


  • Flexible schedule definition: you can define up to 12 schedules for your zones (mornings, weekdays, evenings, nights, weekends, etc.)
  • Average temp calculation based on all room temp sensors inside the zone so that your heat/cool settings are adjusted at the main thermostat even if your rooms are far away
  • For each schedule, ST users can associate the scheduled ecobee climate, the max temp adjustment based on avg temp calculation for your main thermostat
  • You can set your schedules to run only for some routines/ST hello modes (ex. 'Away', 'Home', 'Night', or your own customized ones )
  • For each schedule, you can assign the included zone(s) according to your own requirements (ex. Upstairs bedrooms, 1st level, basement, etc), so that at nights for example, only the upstairs bedrooms would be heated/cooled.
  • You can define up to 8 zones for your home which can include up to 16 rooms
  • For each room, you can indicate not only the vent switches (up to 5 per room) to be controlled, but also any ST temp sensor, motion sensor, room thermostat that can help you to better control the temp settings inside the zoned rooms
  • For each room, the occupied threshold (in minutes) can be customized based on your own needs
  • Ability to set your smart thermostat to 'Away' or 'Present' based on all rooms' motion sensors
  • Ability to override the ecobee's scheduled fanMode ('on', 'auto') during a specific schedule
  • Ability to adjust your main thermostat's settings (every 5 minutes) based on an outdoor temp sensor (optional)

    => lessCoolThreshold: increase the cooling setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    => lessHeatThreshold: decrease the heating setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    => moreHeatThreshold: increase the heating setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    => moreCoolThreshold: decrease the cooling setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    => moreFanThreshold: set the thermostat's fanMode ('on', 'auto') according to a given outdoor temp threshold

  • Support of ecobee climate settings for temp&fan settings

  • Virtual zones definition even if your actual home setup does not include smart vents
  • Option to control room thermostats for fireplaces, electric baseboards, or others (they need to be connected to ST)
  • Automatic adjustments of the vent settings (based on the ecobee program/climate's setpoints) so that your occupied rooms (based on motion detection) will get the most heating/cooling during a schedule run.
    => The smartapp will adjust the vents only if the main thermostat's Operating State is not 'Idle' (so your HVAC is either 'Heating' or 'Cooling' or the fan is running) or every 5 minutes by setting a flag in schedule setup.
  • If you want to control your smart vents with this smartapp, the following safeguards have been implemented to avoid damaging your HVAC:

    => It checks each vent's temperature and makes sure that it's within the minimum and maximum range to provide safe operation.
    => If not within the safe temp range (between 45 and 130 degrees Farenheit), it will notify you & open all vents
    => It checks the ratio of closed vents/total connected vents and will ensure that the ratio is not higher than 50%
    => It ensures that there is a minimum open level (set to 25%) for any vents inside the zone(s) scheduled at a given time

  • The smartapp can be manually activated by pressing on its 'arrow' icon anytime (next to its name)

  • The smartapp can be temporarily deactivated (on hold) with a power (virtual or physical) switch (optional parameter)
  • Ability to use alternative cooling using a Damper, big Fan, evaporative cooler switch when needed
  • The smartapp can automatically switch to alternative cooling when it's efficient based on an outdoor sensor and a temperature/humidity values table or just based on an outdoor temp threshold (configurable option).
  • Compatible with US and metric systems (Farenheit and Celsius)

For more details, refer to


MyEcobee device and my smartapps are available at my store:


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P.S. This is not a google or iOS app, it's a smartapp that requires the SmarThings hub.

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