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HVAC Repairman said ecobee burned up some wiring...

pmd5700pmd5700 FloridaMember

I have an ecobee3. It has been set up for approximately 4 months and working fine. I have the R, G, W, Y, and C wires. Two nights ago, the outside unit stopped turning on. The inside unit turned on fine.

I had an HVAC installer come out yesterday and they determined that the wiring going from the Air Handler to the outside condenser unit was burnt and shorting out. They replaced the wiring. They said this is likely caused by the ecobee as they have seen several instances just like this.

Has anyone had or heard of issues like this? Could the ecobee even do something like this? Is there something I can test/check to confirm if this was or wasn't the issue? The HVAC installer recommended Nest or the Honeywell Smart THermostat since they have not had issues like these with those thermostats.


  • lannister80lannister80 ChicagoMember

    I saw your post on Reddit. I think this guy is 100% full of crap.

  • pmd5700pmd5700 FloridaMember

    I ended up getting a little more information. I guess he was saying the wires were burnt (may or may not have been caused by the ecobee - I, like most others, don't think it did). But that the thermostat was defective, too. I'm working with ecobee now to test the thermostat and see if it is defective.

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